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Tattoo Design 

What people do to their bodies is a lifelong commitment. We only have one host body for our entire lives and we take care of it and decorate it in the ways we see fit. Choosing what mark to leave on our bodies takes a great deal of planning and research; it needs to be something that you won’t regret when you wake up every morning. This is why I gravitate towards the art of tattooing. I see it as a privilege to have someone choose me to leave my own personal, permanent mark on their body and have them carry it with them for the rest of their lives.

Ever since my sophomore year of high school, I have been fond of drawing on skin. It brings me more satisfaction than drawing on paper. When working on skin, the design takes the form of the part of the body it is located on and the ink sets in to compliment its curves and angles. It truly becomes a part of the person. Of course, the designs I make on skin now are nowhere near permanent, since they are drawn on with pen and marker and wash off with the next shower. I have given myself full sleeves with intricate designs and intersecting drawings and have experimented with body art on my close friends.

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