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Lay Down and Die - Alika Feldman, Jasmina Daniello, Chris Larsen


Music is something I used to turn to multiple times a day to occupy myself and throughout the years I've learned to love it for more than just a pass time. Ever since I began to take music seriously and actually work on my vocals I've noticed myself grow and change styles. I've realized that blues and jazz are the styles that really stand out to me that actually make me love doing what I do. Just listening to  chord progressions in jazz and blues songs calms me down and puts me in a better mood. With my own music, I want to keep jazz and blues alive. This generation is heavily influenced by pop, indie and rap (not that I don't listen to these styles myself) and it upsets me to think that soon blues and jazz won't be heard. I want to be one of the artists that keeps these styles part of the music world and hopefully bring it back to the top. 

Ever since I've joined MAD Academy, I began considering music as something I could pursue in the future. I met so many great people that I had a fun time collaborating with (the song below Lay Down and Die was a collaboration of Jasmina Daniello, Chris Larsen and myself). I especially enjoyed working at Black Lodge Recording Studio and spending 8 hours per session learning about the recording process and getting the opportunity to record our own songs with a talented and professional music producer. 

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