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Performing at rough trade was a new experience for me and I was nervous about being on stage and being watched by a large amount of people. However when I got up there I felt great and the fact that the audience was in the dark really helped. Rehearsing for this show was very repetitive, since we had to practice our songs over and over. After a while I got sick of the same notes and the same beat but with every practice I really felt my voice grow. I became less aware of the audience and more aware of the music. I became more relaxed on stage and just let myself get into the song and without this practice I probably would have never let go of my stiffness. While watching others rehearse their songs I realized that they all had loosened up too and were becoming more confident while performing. Playing with a band required a lot more effort than when you're on your own. You would think that it's the other way around, that when you're performing on your own you have to be the one holding everything up, the playing and the singing, that it's up to you to keep the beat and remember the words. But playing with a band requires a lot of silent dialogue and awareness. While playing bass on one of the other songs I would have to make eye contact with the other musicians to know when it's time to switch to the bridge or when to quiet my playing, so the guitarist can take his solo. At first it was hard to stay on the same page but after several tries we got the hang of it and it started to sound good and that is a really great feeling. 

Rough Trade Performance

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